Newsletter 21st September 2018


Architecture…. I went on a very good tour of the architecture in Carrickfergus on 15th September. I will be completing the write up next week as I want to check some details with the organisation concerned.


The start of the French Experience




Portadown Country comes to town.

A great day was had by all at the “Country comes to town” event… what a wonderful atmosphere!

Meet up in Portadown for Spanish English exchange in Bennetts pub went well….only two people turned up… but it is quality not quantity which counts… Lots more benefits for members of the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus… events do not necessarily take place in Carrickfergus… we just want to keep in on the map as it started there.

Hispanic Society

New Duolingo opportunity for members of the Society

And a new members area… giving opportunities for engaging with native speakers on line.

Spanish lessons start in Craigavon at  The Hub on Tuesday evenings from 9th October for 8 weeks from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

If you want to think about Spanish in Carrickfergus with Duolingo support… please contact me.. I will be an Ambassador for Duolingo with specific support.  Only members of the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus will be able to access this.  I am doing the same for Portadown. Spanish course is planned to start in January.

Joke told by Stephen in CastleHardware in Portadown… I just have to share it….

Question: “Why do Irishmen pour Guinness on the lawn?”

Answer: “So it comes up half cut!”

I have lots more from my Libyan days where the Irish contingent were just amazing… as they are in Ireland!  Look out for Adrian Keane’s book “Walking on Water” when he escaped from Libya on a windsurfer… He was from Galway….




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