I’ve been a bit out of touch lately, as I have been so busy.  What with the architectural tour of Carrickfergus, the Country comes to town in Portadown on the same day, being accepted into the Royal British Legion as an ex Corporal and the National Union of Journlists in Belfast, it’s been pretty busy.  I also learned a bit about Ann Acheson who invented the plaster of Paris and going on the War Graves tour of Portadown, I learned a lot about the town.  I’ll just HAVE to have a Portadown page!


After a magnificent trip to St Jean Pied de Port in August, I came home to find an excellent email from the “Enterprise” council in the north of Scotland. They think that by allocating a person to test the water about the North Highland Way, that will appease me.  It won’t.  However, the guy they have allocated is great, so will give him the benefit of the doubt.  He has a month to reply.

Then I started banging on about Economics again… you’d think I would have better things to do.

Leaving France

I left France on Sunday 2nd September. I had to sit in Toulouse with my bags as there was no luggage locker.  My plan had been to visit the Concorde museum.  It was not to be.  Maybe next time.  No matter.. I sat and typed up “Nuala”.

It had been a great trip and I will be releasing the blog shortly.

Arriving in Dublin in the rain, I found that the buses to Belfast, or even Banbridge, were a bit of a problem because of the football game… After getting somewhat stroppy, I got on the bus to Newry and my friends Wendy and Phil picked me up.  Whatever would I do without them?!

On the downside, I managed to get a speeding ticket… oh dear.  Sorry John.

The Highland Council

Trying to get all the documentation and correspondence between myself and Stuart Black, as well as THCs abortive attempt to cancel my electoral registration.  (see emails of 29th August)

All of this is diarised to send to the press on 7th September, unless you have confirmed that you will send me the materials within the 20 days.
1.  All correspondence between Mr. Black and myself.  This is not actually personal data, it is business data collected in the course of a project.
2. All correspondence relating to THC’s attempt to remove me from the electoral register.  I will ask Westminster if it is not forthcoming.
3.  All correspondence relating to the North Highland Way.
4.  All information relating to the abortive planning application for log cabins at Windhaven, Dunnet Head.  The application was made by my partner, Mr. Brian Sparks
I can of course make the list even longer, but we will leave it at that for now.
I am bringing this to the attention of the relevant authorities.  They say there is no Electoral Registration Office in Inverness. How do they run elections then. Perhaps they don’t!
I have been in correspondence with Fergus Ewing and asked if he would be interested in a formal proposal for the Way.  No reply so far, but no doubt he will.
North Highland Way
The nice girl in the Pilgrims office in St Jean.. knew about the NHW>


We are back in touch with the folk from the Santiago Camino… brilliant.. and the Camino Frances.

The Novel

“Nuala” is on the back burner.  I have typed up three chapters ready for critique by my mentor and the Irish Writers Society in Dublin… watch this space.


I took the ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan and met my friend Brian Sparks.  It was a beautiful morning as well pulled out of Belfast and sailed down the loch. On reaching the other side I drove along with the radio blaring out.  We met in Aviemore and drove to Northampton where the next day we cremated my darling brother in law.  It was a very sad occasion for us all.  My sister held up well.  I am proud of her, and my niece and nephew.

The drive south was glorious… but too much traffic.  Overwhelming for both of as we aren’t used to it.  I have now taken a great interest in trees… since living in Caithness where there are very few.  Most of my drawings are of trees.  We got stuck on the M6 and, rather than sit there until 3.15 for them to open the motorway again, we (and a lot of other cars) reversed down the slip road to get off.


I have been active on the political front as well.  Sir Vincent Cable has had a letter from me asking why neither previous Liberal Democrat MP John Thurso… now Lord Thurso, and Jamie Stone, MPs for Caithness and Sutherland, have no interest in the North Highland Way, and does he really want a one party state in Scotland… as that’s what he will get.

I am outraged that the Westminster can’t allocate a decent Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and have written both to Mrs. May and Philip Hammond.  They cannot use the Irish (either south or north) as scapegoats as they don’t know how to negotiate.

Mr. Gove has also had a letter from me on the Scottish question.






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