John Betjeman…

My favourite poet is John Betjeman

Especially this one….


Here is my favourite poem by John Betjeman
“I could not speak for amazement at your beauty
As you came down the Garrick stair,
Grey green eyes like the turbulent Atlantic
And floppy schoolgirl hair.
I could see you in a Sussex teashop,
Dressed in peasant weave and brogues,
Turning over, as firelight shone on brassware,
Last year’s tea stained Vogues.
I could see you as a large-scale student,
Frowning as you tried to learn,
Or, head flung back, the confident girl prefect,
Thrillingly kind and stern.
I could not speak for your amazement at your beauty;
Yet when you spoke to me,
You were calm and gentle as a rock pool
Waiting, warm, for the sea.
Wave on wave, I plunged in to meet you –
In wave on wave I drown;
Calm rock pool, on the shore of my security
Hold me when the tide goes down.”

Published by Wild about Spanish, History and the Environment

Freelance writer and Spanish tutor working in Ireland and Scotland. BSc in Computing and Spanish, Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Economics, Policy and Risk, Diploma in Journalism. With 16 years experience in Scotland, we are well placed to assist with tourism development.

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