Newsletter 8th October


I am so outraged about the attitude of Westminster to the question of the Irish border and trying to blame the Irish. It’s Westminster who have no negotiating skills.  They should get a Secretary of State who actually understands Ireland, and I wrote to Philip Hammond about this after his speech on Monday last.  I have also told him that they need to tighten things up at Cairnryan… anyone can walk in. What about the border between Spain and Gibraltar… that is never mentioned.  OK… there is a border post, but I am surprised the Spanish haven’t taken the opportunity to get Gibraltar back.

Sinn Feinn, Alliance Party and SDLP are going to see Msr. Garnier…. I hope he wasn’t drunk.

I have also written to Vince Cable as the Lib Dems have got themselves into the position that Scotland may become a one party state… SNP. Labour and Conservative give no opposition at all.


I had planned to go to the Civic Conversation event at Stormont a couple of weeks ago, but something else intervened.  Below is the output…. I’ll put it on my new writing blog when it comes out… social justice for all!

“Dear Fellow Citizens,

It was good to see so many of you participating in the civic conversation in the Long Gallery at Stormont on Thursday past.  Our conversation about ‘what to make of culture’ ranged widely, stretching out in a variety directions – as indicated by the ten themes that emerged from the morning sessions:

  1. Value and values
  2. Role of the arts in culture
  3. A healthy culture
  4. Confidence in freedom and choice
  5. Integrating the past
  6. Places and spaces for nurturing relationship
  7. Cultural democracy
  8. Getting into action
  9. Building utopia
  10. Self expansion

And, post-lunch all but two of these themes [1 and 3] were chewed over. It was a nourishing conversational meal – and there seemed to be an appetite for more.

The team are gathering together notes and reflections from the day to produce a report for sharing with you all shortly.  In the meantime, you may like to take a moment to read the poem, Cultures of Belonging, composed by our roving poet, Caren Gilbert.

My thanks again to everyone who helped to make the Stormont gathering an enjoyable and creatively cultural occasion.”

Also went on the tour of the War Graves with historian Richard Edgar… excellent man.

A plaque was unveiled to the lady who created the plaster of Paris… Ann Acheson…


Well…. it has been a very interesting week.  There are now four Scottish Ministers looking at the problems we are having getting funding for the North Highland Way.  The Enterprise Council’s CEO is never on seat.  Hopefully the top man in Thurso can get it sorted out.  It would appear that the last one has been disposed of or retired… he shouldn’t have told me untruths.

There is also the question as to whether the NC500 adheres to the EC Directive on Sustainable Tourism.  If it doesn’t the Scottish Government can be sued as they provided the money.

Both ViewRanger and Ordnance Survey are now backing the North Highland Way, and McEwan Legal have given more money… thanks guys!

I have also written to Vince Cable .. watch this space!  His Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness and Sutherland is a disgrace.  He refuses to support the development of the North Highland Way, a walking, cycling and horse riding route from John o Groats to Durness. Does Scotland want a one party state?
Much of the news service is now a protected site as there is a story building about whether the NC500 actually adheres to the EU Directive on Sustainable Tourism.  There was a piece of news this morning about Climate Change…there is an Intergovernmental Paper on Climate Change.  Does the NC 500 adhere to the EU Directive on Climate Change?


Spanish and Spain…

You can join the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus and learn in advance about upcoming events…

Spanish proverb of the week

“Hablando del Rey de Roma, y por la puerta se asoma”  – talk of the devil!

219 Wessex General Hospital

I went to my reunion at the weekend.  I was a Corporal in the unit in the 1970s.  I am building a new web site for them.. We are focussing at the moment on Major Roger Nutbeem who was killed while serving on the Sir Galahad.. he was one of our permanent staff officers. He used to come out on Pegasus training with us…



On a lighter note… I read Roddy Doyle’s wonderful children’s book “Rover and the Big Fat Baby”…. read it and weep with laughter.



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