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As from February 2020 we will be publishing a quarterly e-magazine on Issuu.


Some of my favourite books including some I have either written or edited.

Creative people must be stopped – 6 ways we kill innovation – David A. Owens. ISBN 978 1 118 002990-2.

A framework for overcoming the six types of innovation killers

Everybody wants innovation or do they? Creative People Must Be Stopped shows how individuals and organizations sabotage their own best intentions to encourage “outside the box” thinking. It shows that the antidote to this self–defeating behavior is to identify which of the six major types of constraints are hindering innovation: individual, group, organizational, industry–wide, societal, or technological. Once innovators and other leaders understand exactly which constraints are working against them and how to overcome them, they can create conditions that foster innovation instead of stopping it in its tracks.

This book gives people in organizations the conceptual framework and practical information they need to innovate successfully.”

Six ways to kill innovation

The North Highland Way is an innovative project. It will be the only multi use route in Scotland, and also adhere to the EC Directive on Sustainable Tourism. First public services wanted it, then when they realised that they had to pay for it, and not rely on voluntary effort, they didn’t want it.

  1. Why everyone wants innovation but no one wants change.  The “Showstopper” is Highlands and Islands Enterprise.  At least the Highland Council recognise the project.
  2.  Why most of us are more creative than we think. I am not allowed to sell my ideas HIE couldn’t even organise a simple meeting.  Now they are finally doing an information gathering exercise but not until I went to the SPSO.
  3. Why a brain storm meeting can be worse than no meeting at all.  Have a good fight – plenty of that with THC and HIE and now SPSO.
  4. Why you’ll never be a prophet in your own home town.  Trust the “doers” – not THC and HIE.
  5. If it’s such a great idea, why isn’t our competitor doing it?  No competition – no one else would take this on.
  6. Why MY innovations means you have to change.  HIE and THC have to change – not only use their own ideas, but also learn to communicate in a meaningful way.  HIE in particular must learn about business, after all, they are the organisation who are responsible for economic growth.You can read about the whole sad story on our news service. 

The Pentland Hero by Roy Pederson . Just before Christmas 2008, a brand new, futuristic, super efficient catamaran ferry arrived in Orkney. Her like had never been seen before in Scotland. She was Pentalina, flagship of Pentland Ferries, a private company owned by a quietly spoken Orkney farmer’s son, Andrew Banks. The new ship is remarkable enough, but the story of how Andrew Banks was able to establish the long sought short sea crossing between Orkney and the Scottish mainland in the face of a concerted and sustained campaign to undermine his enterprise, by well funded public bodies, is on the one hand a miracle and on the other an outrage. With a tiny team of trusted colleagues and without a penny of public funds, Andrew Banks built terminals and started operating a new frequent, cheap, short route between Orkney and the Scottish mainland. This is the story of an idea and of the man who battled against the odds to make that idea a reality.

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