The company will shortly move from  being a sole trader to  a limited company.  We have considerable experience in Spain and Scotland, as well as Ireland, in tourism development, the law and environmental projects such as the North Highland Way. This, together with history and culture, are our core business. 

The North Highland Way is a sustainable tourism route.  We are working hard with a number of environmental organisations in Ireland, both North and South, to bring about change, and raise the awareness further of climate change.   

Tina Irving nee Dawn Marshall is a freelance journalist.  She is very keen on the environment, economics, politics and even travel!

She is a member of the NUJ  having lived and worked at Dunnet Head for 16 years.  She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Economics from Heriot Watt University in Scotland. 

Rachel Carson Enterprises is the environmental division of TDM Consultancy Services, registered in Ireland.

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