North Highland Way

There is a lot of support from the community both on line and offline for the North Highland Way.  You can sign our ongoing petition here.  The Highland Council agree that it cannot be a community project but they cannot lead.  Highlands and Islands Enterprise think there is no requirement for the Way.

We have approached this project in many ways.  The Dunnet Head Educational Trust wanted to apply for funding but were turned down even before the applications went in.  This by Dounreay and the CNSRP although other groups have been able to access funds.  You might want to ask Mr. Kirk why he wanted a business plan for a festival we wanted to run, but then said there would be no money.

The local community will be excluded as Mr. Kirk refuses to recognise that there is a need for the project.  SNH and THC do not agree. We have spoken to the Crofters’ Commission and hope they will carry out a survey of their members as to their thoughts on the project.

Help us by signing our petition and donating money through Just Giving.  The people of the north deserve better than the service they get from HIE.

You can also have your say as to whether you think the NC500 is a sustainable tourism project.

You can also lobby Westminster and ask them to examine the Barnett formula.
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